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Mobility !

With the evolution in the mobility market, do not be left behind.
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Design and Consulting

We help you transform your product vision into a tangible visual product representation. We create detailed UX specification, wireframes, full fidelity visual designs which help you understand how your product will really be experienced by your end users.We also conduct usability validations to improve the usability of your existing products  

Mobility development

We take the pain out of your enterprise mobility journey with suitable apps and solutions on different native and cross-platform environment.This includes enabling CRM,ERP,SCM,BI,ECM & other Enterprise Applications on mobile and making sure your whole organization and the ecosystem get the ‘right information’ at the ‘right time’ in the ‘right place’ to the ‘right people’.

End to end product services

Your requirements are unique just like every Business model is unique, At Progetan we carefully study your requirements with a feasibility and diagnostics study and cultivate the most suitable solution design for your business. This is done with our experts who start the engagement with their years of experience and put it to best practice in your industry

Are you caught up with the latest technology and knowledge for your Business? If not you are missing a vantage point over your competition and customers

PROgetan is a part of the transformation that mobility is bringing to the business world

Wilshire Axon Synergy Sports Platform

114% Year Over Year Increase in Mobile Ad Spending

Research shows that digital advertising is quickly shifting to mobile. Now is the time to take your team to the next level with the most innovating and engaging revenue generating platform on the market.

PROgetan brings benefit of mobility, powering it on your palm. The nextgen way to do business

What does the transformation mean ? what is mobility doing ?

Progetan is assisting businesses leverage the power of sharing

Progetan help empowers every customer with information to make right decisions

Mobility for growth,the MORE effect Sell more,Spread more,Be Seen more and Stay ahead of your competition

About Us

PROgetan has a unique ability to act upon openings in the mobility ecosystem by recognizing opportunities to both enhance end-user experiences and address the needs of businesses to maintain their co``mpetitive edge through technical advancement. This vision has helped position Progetan to effectively address the dynamic mobility needs of their technology partners and build long term, lasting value for all of their customers.

PROgetan When its Mobility we thrive by technology and consultative approach to deliver exactly what is essentially required to businesses. Be it Small or Medium businesses, PROgetan enables businesses to get out of their comfort zone to experience expansion.